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Robert Rae
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Minor Transcript changes


Could I request a couple of small amendments to our NTC transcript? 

1. Currently, failed Units seem to be showing 0 credits attempted - could they show the proper amount of credits attempted?

2. The main one - all our credit numbers on the transcript have decimals points, which causes everything to get a bit messy (they overflow the lines, etc.) - actually, they aren't needed, as all our credit weightings round out to whole numbers no matter what. Could we have all the decimal places removed from the transcript? It would make a lot of difference to how it displays!

Many thanks,


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Minor Transcript changes

Hi there,

I just directed your request to the developers.


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1.  On your grade scale, you

1.  On your grade scale, you had a few number grades that were marked as no credit instead of fail, including 0.  I have updated one of them (i believe undegrad), and tested to make sure student 340004727 was fixed.  You should review the other one to make the same correction.

2.  A fix for this will be included in the next release.

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