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issue when setting up a payment plan

Happy Monday,

I was trying to set up a payment plan for student 660010032 and there is a discrepancy with what they actually owe and what the payment plan is using to set the payment plan.  I have attached a screenshot of the balance in their transactions and what the payment plan is setting the payment plan on.

Thank you,


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I have created a task for the developers. From playing around with your example there appears to be a couple issues with the calculations.

In the mean time, you can work around this by setting up custom amounts for the payments so that the student knows what their payments should be. (looks like you did this already) 


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Version 2.65

After a conversation with Dana, it was determined that the best solution is to remove both the "include current balance" option and the "Term Beginning Balance: " display line, and purely keep it term charges/payments/aid.  Plan amount can be overridden if needed.  THis will be included in the next version.

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