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Hostel/Dorm Room Recommendations

Hi team,

1. Can the dorm rooms be tied to gender so that during allocation, when I search for a male students only rooms in male hostels will show up for selection?

2. When creating bed spaces, since some are standard, is it possible to just duplicate that? For instance if Hostel A has 20 Rooms and each has 4 bed spaces, I can just specify that and the system can auto populate instead of creating Room 1, then bed space 1-4 and repeating that 20 times?

3. Can we just have a ready list of allocations? Like the Student services at a glance can see these students have been allocated rooms and which rooms?

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Dorms Recommendations

Hi Frida,

I just directed this request to the developers.


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1.  I added a general search

1.  I added a general search on the building list and room select list.  If you add, the gender to the dorm building name, you can search and filter this way.
2.  I added a duplicate button to the room list from the building page.  You will then need to edit each room to set the room number and verify the billing code.
3.  A report is currently available called "Dorm List", and the portal user name and campus id have been added.

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