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Exam Grid Report - not showing In Progress modules

When we execute the Exam Grid report, although the report shows 'In Progress' classes for students at specific classifications (Level5, Level 6, etc.) they do not appear for students studying at Level 4. Please could you advise if this is a bug/error or a set-up issue, and, if the latter, how we may be able to fix this.

Thank you

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Exam Grid In progress

This appears to be a error in the report. I have notified the developers.


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*GNECsis Support Specialist*

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Version 2.55

The issue is actually unrelated to classification of 4.  It is the first classification that you run that has the issue.  If you run for another group and then go back and run 4, it will show them.  A fix for this issue will be included in version 2.55, which is scheduled to be deployed on Friday of this week.

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