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Error on student merge

I found the following error when trying to merge a student. There are four accounts, and I would like to merge them. Please see the screenshots of the error. 

There are two screenshots, one about the error, the second about the information of the student. 

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Error on student merge

Hi there,

I just directed this bug to the devdelopers.

 Thanks for reporting,


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It looks like at some point

It looks like at some point you had a value of PART in your student academic level (classification) picklist, but that value is no longer there in the list, but exists in your old data.  I have added it back to your pick list as an inactive value.  Meaning it wont show up on your drop down lists, but the system wont error if you deal with old records that have it. Marking something inactive is the best way to deal with old values.

Feel free to edit the external value on that record if you wish

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