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Entering Grades into Student Record

Good morning,

Yesterday I tried to update a student's grade directly into their "schedule" and there was no place to do so. I had to go to the class itself and enter the grade.

Thank you!


Megan Zirkle

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Grade Process

The system is designed to have grades entered in several ways but always as a class process. Grades can be entered by a professor or anyone with the right permissions to edit classes in Academics.  

The student schedule area allows for a grade to be entered as part of an appeal process. The New Grade field will become the grade used on all reports etc.  The Grade Change Reason provides the context.  If you desired to put the final grade in the New Grade field this can be done and the Reason is Course Completion.  This however is not how it was designed and final grades should be entered through the class.


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From Academics?>Student>Schedule you can use the New Grade field to provide the grade or the new grade to replace the Final Grade.

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