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Empty Space Look Up Issue

We found an issue for a student and I wonder if the system can be programmed to avoid/remedy the issue.

When the student profile was created, there was an extra space after his first name. Obviously, it wasn't visible so no one knew it was there. However, when he went to do a password reset, it kept saying the information was invalid. Fortunately, we stumbled into finding the extra space, removed it, and the problem went away.

However, it seems that we should be able to improve the system so that it doesn't "break" because of an extra space. Can we:

1. Automatically remove a space if it is the last character in a field?


2. Make the system robust enough that leaving off a space won't break the search functionality?


3. Throw a flag if there is a space so the user can remove it?

I think #1 would be preferred and hopefully simplest.


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I have notified the developers.  I think this will be important for prospect application imports as well. 

At around 12 EST today I tried to run a advanced query to see if I could find spaces in names but the query pulled to much data and failed. I am sorry for any issues it caused. 


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Version 2.55

Thanks for the heads up. A fix for this will be included in version 2.55, to be installed the end of this week.

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