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Email delayed error

Hi all,

I just noticed that I had 84 emails in my spam folder that I sent to students on Monday.  I looked on their contact history and it says that the email was sent;  Since I received the error message in my nts email address I was wondering if it can be confirmed that the students actually received the email.

Dana I will send you directly the notification that I recieved as I can not upload it to the help site.

Thank you,


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Task Created

I did not see a email example. Please forward/re-forward a email example of the error.


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*GNECsis Support Specialist*

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As I mentioned in the email I

As I mentioned in the email I sent to you directly, the email from GNECsis is working correctly now. There must have been a temporary disconnection.  The email that you received said there was a delay.  The system will try again.  If you do not receive any more emails about the delay, the emails were then sent out successfully.

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