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Robert Rae
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Electronic Transcript


The transcripts as they are work very well in general in terms of getting all the right information in the right place - we're very happy! 

What we'd love to have available is the ability to print the transcript off in "complete" electronic form as well as its current version. So that would be a PDF that is the same as now, but also with:

1. A letterhead image.

2. A signature image.

3. A stamp/seal image

4. An "official transcript" watermark.

This would save us a load of time, especially when it comes to graduation, where everyone gets a copy of their transcript, and also one to go in the official files!

5. Finally, as a request for all transcripts: could we have, above the same of the student, a line that says "Insitution: <<institution name>>". We realised, awkwardly, that nowhere on the text does it currently say the name of the school!

Thanks for this - if this is possible, I'm happy to provide the images for these items!


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I was about to make the same request for our school. Thanks Robert Ray for doing this. Please make this available for us too. If there is anything we need to provide, please let us know.




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I just send this request to the developers. Thank you,


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