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Degree Track "Current" Students


Just a quick check - where does the information for Academics > Administration > Major Degree Tracks > Students > "Current/Historical Type" come from? Is that checking whether the Student record is current or historical, or is it checking whether they are on a Current or Historical Catalog year of the degree track?

Cliff are moving students from a range of Postgraduate Degree Tracks (e.g. MA in Mission: Children's Work, MA in Mission: Worship) onto one Degree Track (MA in Mission) and organising them by pathways, so they'd just like to make sure that some of the graduated Alumni who are marked as "Current" on that list are not, in fact, current!



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When you assign a degree track to a student, it is set as Current as an indication that they are taking or took that particular degree/track. If you switch a degree from one to another then the current degree (that is being switched) goes to status Historical. The new degree that witched for the old one would now be current.  Thus on the degree track Student list any students that are Historical would be students that have had the degree switched for another degree. 

If you go to a student and go to Majors, Minors, and Audits. There is a button to Show History.  The history will show Start dates and End Dates for switched degrees, added degrees and deleted degrees (that have confirmed to keep a history of the deleted degree).

The reason for this is with the right report you can ask the following example questions.

  1. How many Students switched majors this last year.
  2. Which degree had the highest amount of switches out and deletions.
  3. How many students were in a particular major at a particular time in the past.
  4. Which degree saw the most students moving to the degree during the year.

To specifically answer your question: Alumni will still be listed as Current on the degree if they have not had it switched for a different degree or had the degree deleted with history.

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