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Cumulative GPA

Is there a report that shows cumulative GPA for our enrolled students? I only see a report for the GPA for the current term.

Thank you!

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Cumulative GPA

There are several places. The primary place is in Academics>Administration>Academic Standing. You can search and find the existing academic standings you already ran. This will give you a table of the students that you can export to excel.  

I have also created a Query for your school that gives you exactly as you asked.

It can be found in Advanced Queries > Student Enrollment query view> CINDY - Cumulative GPA for all Active Students.

This will give you all of the Cumulative GPA's from the academic standings.

It is also worth noting there are a bunch of duplicate academic standings for the same term.  This causes multiple items on the report and it is recommended for there to be only one official academic standing for a term.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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