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Robert Rae
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Cliff College - Attendance Sessions error


Cliff are having a bit of trouble when they set up Standard Schedules to try and create Class Sessions/Attendence slots. For classes in their normals terms (Sept - Dec, for example) this seems to work as normal. But for classes in their Full Year terms, when they select the Standard Schedule and then attempt to Update Sessions (to remove holiday weeks, etc) it gives a massive list of possible day/time combinations that aren't in the standard schedule.

Is there something there they are doing wrong? Or is the system having trouble with the full year terms?



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Attendance Sessions


I just directed this issue to the developers.

Thank you,


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Attendance Dates

A few things on attendance to make sure you are using:

1.  End Date - Attendance sessions will only be created up until the end date of the class.  A class will default to the begin and end dates of a full year if that is being used, but make sure to change those for attendance sessions to stop at the desired date.

2.  Total Number of Sessions - If you enter a value here, it will use the schedule selected and create the sessions up until this number.

If these don't work or you are still having an issue, please let me know.

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