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Clearinghouse Program Length

I noticed today that the program lengths I entered into the majors are appearing as "1, 2, 3, etc" but they need to be 6 numbers long  as in "000001" or "000004". We received errors from the Clearinghouse report for program length being "too short" and they need them in this particular format. Thanks!

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The Student Clearinghouse documentation

The Student Clearinghouse documentation has on page 23 the following program length description:
Length of the instructional program in years, months, or weeks as published by the school. Format “nnnnnn,” with implied decimal b/n third and fourth digits. 
• 000100 – one tenth (1/10) 
• 001000 – one (1) 
• 010000 – ten (10) 
• 100000 – one hundred (100) 
Space fill if Program Indicator is “N”.
If the program length is 2 years, we are using a format of “002000” which appears to be correct.
I tried running the report and saw that for the first student in the list, that he did have “000000”. I looked up his degree major track (Church Planing/Certificate in Church Planting) and there is no program length entered.
The next couple of students in had “004000” as the program length which I believe is correct.
I assume the issue is missing program lengths for degree tracks.
Please let me know if that does not seem correct or there are further questions.

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