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Class Scheduling for Term Filter Additions


When viewing the "Class Scheduling for Term" list, I would like to request the ability to view more of the class details on the header "Course/Section/Topic/Title/Campus/Room/Room  Capacity/Enrolled/Proposed". I would also like to add more filters. Currently we only have 2 options to filter/sort results; Term & Campus. I've attached a screenshot. I realize our "Class List for Term" report does provide an excel sheet in which I can sort all classes how I need. However, it would be nice to be able to sort where I schedule the classes. I need to be able to see which classes are open, closed, or canceled. It would also nice helpful to 

I'd like to be able to see some of the information without having to press the "plus button" which expands with more information. For example, I can't see the status of the class (open, closed, canceled), which would be helpful to see without expanding the class. I'd also like to see the who the instructor is. I understand there may not be enough room to fit those columns, but would it be possible to remove some unnecessary ones? For example, I don't need to see "Campus" or "Room Capacity" since we only have one campus and our room capacity is equally set among all classes.

I've talked to Dana about doing implementing more "bulk editing" abilities, and if this could be done for the "Class Scheduling for Term" page I think it would be very helpful as oftentimes class schedules, sections, status (open /closed), or instructor can change often. In the meantime, I wanted to see if there could be some additions to my ability to quickly view critical informaiton about our classes.

Thank you and I'm happy to discuss or clarify anything!


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Thank you for the requests.  

I would like to set up a appointment with you (will email you). I think to help the developers I want to get a full list.  

For the + expansion items you can have them go away by zooming out on the browser. Zooming out to 80-90% usually will be enough. You can also get more room for columns by colapsing the left menu with the three lines at the top of the page.  For me (may be different for your computer) I press CTRL and hold while using the scroll up and down wheel on the mouse and it zooms in and out on the website.

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Version 2.60

I have added Status as a filter.  I also adjusted the columns.  











Room Capacity

Start Date

End Date



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