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Robert Rae
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Class Schedule has shifted from Monday to Sunday


One of our classes, ST5250 Religions in Contemporary Britain(A) Spring 2021-2022 (Manchester) has a Standard Schedule based on a Monday, which has generated the correct class dates/times up to now. However, from this past week onwards, the dates have changed to the day before (Sunday), and I can't quite figure out why. Last time we had a Standard Schedule issue it was Daylight Savings Time change that had thrown something off, and I note we've just switched over again - similar issue?

For reference, the other class in this term with the same Standard Schedule, ST4170 Power and Anti-Oppressive Practice 2021-2022 (Manchester) does NOT seem to have a similar problem. 


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Since it seems to just be this class, I went ahead and manually corrected it.  If you notice this problem else where, please let me know, and I will look in to it further.

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