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Change Detail

1. Genesis added details to changes on student account, but we would also like to request the same type detail for changes classes (such as edits, grades, etc.) If it isn't too large an ask, maybe detail for any section that has change logging.

2. Related, is there a way we can have a report generate even greater detail so we can audit someone's edits/changes with granular detail. (who, what, when, before state, after state, etc)


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For changes that have been

For changes that have been deemed important, such as enrollment status, grade, enrollment type, and credit hours, we already track those, and those can be found in Student under "Schedule Changes".  THis shows who did it, when, and the new and old values.  

Because there is so much information in GNECsis, we cant do it for ever field in the system, but if there are other key places in the system that you would like additional tracking please provide the location and the fields and we would be happy to evaluate it.  I will let Dana, respond to the rest, but wanted to point out this part in case you didnt know it was there.

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