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Cannot Click Prospect with no Surname


We entered a prospect with no Surname. When we tried to go back to his name for editing, we found nowhere to click the name. I tried to edit from the System Admin portal but could not edit the surname part. 

What is the alternative for this?


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Couple things.

Couple things.  

1.  Can you tell me the process by which you created this person without a family name?  When you go to prospect and click new on person, family name is required.  We want to make sure that we close this loop hole.

2.  I would recommend creating a new correctly named prospect record, and then do a search for both names and click the checkboxes next to each and merge them together.

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Work around


When you are on the Admissions Search Results section. If you need to click the Family name but it does not exist you can still access the record using the following workaround.

  1. Pressing TAB you will see that a highlighted box will move through different elements of the screen.
  2. Press TAB until you have positioned on the selection box to the left of the empty Family Name.
  3.  Press TAB one more time. It will have selected the Family Name. You will not see the selection but it is selected.
  4. Press the ENTER key. It will execute the same as if you pressed the Family Name. 
  5. You will now be in the students record and you can edit and add the Family Name.  If you only have one name for the student then the policy is that the name will be in the Family Name field and not the Given name. 

To help you, I have gone ahead and updated this prospects name to have (Temp Name) in the Family name field so you can more easily update it. 

Let me know if you have any more questions about this!


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