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Billing Analysis and pending aid questions


Can I talk to someone about specific questions/Observations I have concerning the billing analysis and pending aid.  I just generated charges for summer and I have noticed that if a student has more than one type of pending aid only one is reflected in the report and it appears to only be the last one on the list in the financial aid>student>details>financial aid>Financial aid Analysis.  I may not be understanding the billing analysis and this is why I would like to talk to someone instead of communicating through email.

Example student 660016678 has 2 scholarships listed for summer 23 but on the billing analysis it only has the second scholarship amount as pending aid so the amount owed is not correct

Thank you,


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Billing Questions

Hi Cindy,

I just sent your request to the developers to help you on billing.


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Vesion 2.85

This has been updated and will be included in next release.

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