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Robert Rae
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Audit/Credit Credit Hours not recalculating automatically


Good afternoon! Not a serious issue up to now, but one that would be useful to sort out as it affects our Student Billing system which Dana & Don are kindly working on at the moment.

If you switch a class to Audit, it sets Credit Hours to 0, which is great. However, if at any point you switch the class back from Audit, the hours become blank (rather than zero) and don't register as anything unless you add them in manually. Is there a way it can be triggered to set the Credit Hours back to the original value upon 'de-Auditing' the class?



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De Audit

This seems like the correct course of action and I have notified the developers to make the change. Thank you for taking the time to submit the information.


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*GNECsis Support Specialist*

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Version 2.55

An enhancement for this will be included in the next release, version 2.55, which is scheduled to be installed at the end of this week.

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