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Audit "Grade"

We would like to  be able to enter a "grade" for a student who has completed an Audit in a course to show whether or not they satisfied the course or not. The system won't let us put in anything, but we'd like to request the ability to do so while still not awarding credit.

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Megan Zirkle

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Audit Grade


If you attempt to add a grade to a class that is Audited it does not save the grade you entered. However. If you go to the student and update the class registration in the student you can Override the blank with a New Grade.  This will allow you to place a grade in for a audit. I have not looked at this in detail but it might be worth keeping note if the grade impacts the GPA... it should not as the class would still not have any credit value.  

Please let me know if this is sufficient or if you would like the ability to turn off the grade removal for audited classes.


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