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Robert Rae
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"Attendance for Selected" option


On Academics > Classes you've helpfully added a 'Rosters for Selected' button so we can download class lists in bulk. Could you do the same for the excel Attendance Report that's available individually from the Class > Attendance tab? ("Export to Excel").

We check Attendance centrally every week, so the ability to download a set of class Attendance sheets at once would save a LOT of time. 

The ideal format would be an excel workbook with a tab for every class, with the tab title as the name or number of the class.

Thanks for your help!

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Bulk Attendance


I have provided the needed details to the developers to make this solution.


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Version 2.60

The export to excel option is not a report but simply outputting the grid that is on the screen to excel.  

But, I was able to create a similar report from the search screen that will give you the same information.  It will be included in the next release.

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