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Robert Rae
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Attendance Error


Since the most recent update, our attendance system has encountered some issues. Whenever you enter a Class for the current term, you get a stream of notifications about missing class sessions for existing attendance records. We haven't changed any of the class sessions, so it just seems to have lost track of them.

This seems to have occurred for pretty much every class this term, and some of the attendance records seem to be missing. Any ideas?

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I have initiated a task so the developers can look into the issue. 


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*GNECsis Support Specialist*

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Version 2.65

Thanks for letting us know.  A fix for this will be included in the next release.

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Robert Rae
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Thanks! Do you know if the

Thanks! Do you know if the dates that have attendance (but are not showing because the 'time' of the session is off) will show again? Or will we lose that data?


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Robert Rae
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