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Alpha Lists on Menus

Can the lists on the menus (particular admin) be ordered, probably alphabetically or maybe most used then alpha? I am finding things hard to find as the lists get bigger and the links are randomly ordered. One ex: StudentAccounts > Administration but I am guessing it is throughout.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Feature request

I have added this as a feature request.


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Version 2.63

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have gone through the Administration pages of each area and reorganized them.  There is a General subsection at the top that contains all links that do not fit well in to another subsection.  Then additional subsections below in alphabetical order.  Within each subsection, the links are alphabetical.  Once folks get used to things in this new format, it should make things easier to find.  

While I was in there, I went ahead and added the ability to control group permissions on each subsection, which I could see useful in some cases.

This will be included in the next release, version 2.63.

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