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aging report

Hi all,

I ran a aging report today and I have students that are on payment plans and have paid their payment(s) and the aging report lists them as delinquent.  I have included one student, they paid their first payment of $1,455 and it showing as 45 days delinquent. The amount the owe is correct $1,700.00. 


Thank you,


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I have created a task for the developers to look into this.  They are currently focusing on the credit card fee issue.

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Version 2.63

Thanks for letting us know.  I have made a couple changes.

First, I realized that for payments on the payment plan, it was adding the payment on to the value of "Period Owed" instead of taking it off.  Making it appear double.

Second, for payment plan rows, it was still displaying the row if they had an owed value of 0.  These are now being hidden.  If their is a negative amount owed on a payment plan, I am continuing to show this (with a days overdue value of 0), so that you can see these and clean them up.

These will be included in the next release later this week.

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