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Adding a note to a student account transaction


I added a manual transaction for student  660002081 and I tried to add a note to the blank box under billing trace on the transaction detail but it will not stay there.  I was assuming it was a notes box but maybe it is not.

Please advise

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Transaction Notes

Currently, there is no way to put a note on the transaction. There is a description if you make a reversal or adjustment but that is the only times notes are attached.   My recommendation is to put the note in the Note section at the top of the student account profile at the top of the screen.  An example is:
07/22/2021 - 2021-2022 Fall - Special tuition rate for custom course per Registrar. CH 

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My suggestion would be to put it in the detail description for the transaction.  This is an editable field and would be on going reminder of what happened to this record, and it already shows up on the report that Carol runs.

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