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Add SearchCriteria to Student Classification

On the Student Classification option, Can we also add the students’ degree track and Campus ID as search criteria and results, as this will also enable us to make sure that the correct students are selected and we are able to identify those with the same names as well. We can also move students in bulk under the same degree track instead of just the year.

If possible, can the student campus ID number appear everywhere next to the student's name as we navigate the system instead of being search criteria only and appearing on the admission and academic portals. The Instructor Portal would benefit more with the campus iD being attached to the name always. Thank you


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Thank you for taking the time to post this here. I have created a task for the developers for this request.

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Version 2.67

I have added a filter by degree track to the student classification analysis, and added the campus id as a field on the display.  This will be included in the next version.

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