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option to print emails sent to students


I would like to add a request to have the ability to print individual emails sent to student through GNECsis.  I believe this option to would be benificial to me as well as others as I like to have copies of the emails I send in the students file.


Thank you for your consideration

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Copy to Self

There is a button at the bottom of the email page that allows you to send a copy to yourself.  The best way to accomplish this would be to send it to yourself and print from your email.  This way it shows you officially received it and shows from your email system.

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Alternate solution

When you go to history you can highlight the text of 1 or more emails/communications in the contact section. Next you right click and select print. Then under additional print options select print "selection only". This would give you a nice printout of one or more emails with the send date etc. This has the added value that you can print out multiple at the same time.

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