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Robert Rae
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Display Adjustments - Student Accounts Search


As we're gearing up to use Student Accounts more fully, a couple of adjustments that would be very useful.

1. An "Include Completed Degree Tracks" tickbox as is on the Academics > Student seach - at the moment I'm still getting students coming up in searches for the wrong level because they've previously completed lower level degrees.

2. A searchbox for Degree Major.

3. At the moment Student Accounts has a box for 'Citizenship' which displays the results from 'Nation of Citizenship' on the Academics > Student profile; the 'Citizenship' box on Academics> Students (which essentially shows 'Citizenship Status') is not present on the Student Accounts Screen. Could we have the Student Accounts > Citizenship remained 'Nationality' or 'Nation of Citizenship' to be consistant with other modules, and have a new search option for the other 'Citizenship' status on Student Accounts?



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Version 2.57

You caught me just in time.  I managed to get this in today, and it will be included in the next release later today.

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