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Error in Cashier

Hi all,

I had a student come in to pay their bill today and I pulled them up in the cashier's portion of student billing and it indicated that they had a balance of $1795 so that is what they paid.  When I went to their account they owed more than that so I went back to cashier and brought the student back up and it says that they have a 0 balance but on their account they actually have a balance of $1295.00 after they paid what I told them they owed.  I have included a screen shot of their account now and what I get when I bring them up in cashier.


Thank you,


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Thank you for letting us know. We are looking into it.


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Cashier page includes future transactions

The cashier page includes all future transactions in to account.  It does not cut off as of today.  This student has a future transaction on their account of 1795 for 9/20/20.  So, their current balance (as of today is 1295).  The cashier page includes everything, so if you look now, their balance on the cashier page is -500.

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