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Why some with Zero Credit in the Reports of Enrolled Students?

Hi, Kindra!

Something is puzzling me. Three students appeared having zero credit on the column for Attempted credits when I generated a report on "Enrolled Students" for First Sem 2020-21. Please see the attachment. But when I generated a report on Enrolled Students with Classes, First Sem. 2020-21 the classes are listed though. Please check the problem. Thank you very much for your quick help.


Judy :)

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The problem is that the

The problem is that the students have a major that is for the college "Graduate" but they have a class for this semester that is marked  for "Doctorate". You will need to set a "Transcript Type Override".

In addition, we have to made a change because it didn't look at the override flag. Now it does.  This will be in version 2.57, to be installed Thursday evening this week.

I added the class college "Class Transcript Type" to the registration update page so that you can see what the class is set to.


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