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SAP hold for financial aid

Can you please add a feature to financial aid module that will not allow a student to have aid disbursed (federal and Scholarships the school disburses), this would not include external scholarships, if they are on financial aid suspension and no longer eligible for federal aid.

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SAP disbursement check


Yes this is very good. I will make sure this gets added.



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Version 2.57

After talking this through with Dana, we have added "Last SAP" to the top section of FInancial Aid > Student.  This will show the value from the most recently run Academic Standing.  I have also added "Last SAP" to Financial Aid > Administration > Scholarship Disbursement on the grid of Expected Recipients.  It will not automatically block anything, but this will allow you to make an education decision.  Let me know if you have any questions, or if you can think of any additional tweaks to this.

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