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Split Student Records

I have found at least two previous students whose academic records are divided among two student/person ID records. How do I go about combining these? It's been rather simple with instructors, but it looks like students are more complicated.

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As of now, there is no easy

As of now, there is no easy way to do this.  
If each record is for a separate degree, you could choose to leave it as is.  Ideally, yes there would be one record per student, but if the degrees were separate and classes from one aren’t needed for the other, it makes it less crucial to combine them.  I would just make a note on each record pointing it to the other one.
If there are just a few classes on one and the rest are on the other, I would print off a transcript of the one with less credits (to have an easy list of classes to go off of), and then one by one, add the desired combined student in to each class, making sure to enter any grades and other information.  You will also want to verify that any other student information is on the new account, such as degree track, graduation information, etc.  Then, you will want to go to the original student and one by one remove the student from the classes.   This is not an easy process, and one that I would only undertake if there is a specific reason for it (such as classes needed for graduation are on a separate student record).



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