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source categories


I have been entering scholarship categories to student, should I be adding them to sources instead to get a list of student that are eligible for specific sources?


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source categories

Hi Cindy,

I just directed your question to the developers.



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Student and Source Categories

In Financial Aid there are Source, People, Student Categories.

People: These categories will be visible to everyone in the system that can access People.  Due to this, it is restricted to the most basic information that would be safe to be available to everyone.  

Student: This would be categories that are related to students only and are only visable to people that can see student data. This is ideal for student and academic related categories.  This is a good way to track groups of students by values that are not tracked in existing fields. This would be an ideal way to track groups of students that meet some type of criteria for a scholarship.  For example, wife of pastor. Though this is able to be derived through relationships it might be easier to track them through a category.

Source: This would be ways to classify aid sources into topic groups. This helps to pull up scholarships of similar award criteria to make it easier to award to that category. For example scholarships that are awarded to wives of pastors. Thus you would be able to distribute the awards equitably by knowing all the scholarships that need to awarded and have all students that would meet the criteria.


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