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requirements for Financial aid

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could have the financial aid and scholarship requirements list rearranged for cohesion with the Endowed Scholarship requirement list.

Scholarship Application Sent

Scholarship Application Received

Thank You Letter Request Sent

Thank You Letter Received

 Then add all Loan elements starting with 

ISIR Recieved

Entrance counseling

Direct Loan MPN

Financial Ack. and Auth Doc.

Exit Counseling

Thank you,


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Financial aid

Good morning Cindy,

I just directed this request to the developers.


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Currently the financial aid

Currently the financial aid requirement track list requirements are saved in order they are added to the track.  Behind the scenes, there is actually already a sequence field that was being used for each requirement on the track.  So, I made it so that this field is now editable on the track requirements.  If you leave it blank, it will update it to the order it was entered.  Since sorting on the page does not work for editable fields, I have turned off sorting on this page.  But if you save it, and come back to it, it will resort the page by sequence so that you can see it.

When you add a track to the student, these items will also be added to the student in sequence order.  These changes will be included in the next release later this week. 

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