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Program Directors need option to advise as Audit

November 3, 2020

Dear Kindra and Dana,

Hi! Trust you and your families are well!

Just would like to ask your quick help. Our Program Directors have this challenge of not being able to  advise students as Audit. There is no option from their end to put students taking a class through Audit. Please help. Thank you very much for your help.


Judy :)

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The system currently is set up so that the advisor can submit the classes with a note with special instructions.  The special instructions can allow the registrar to set the class as audit for the student.  As you said, there is currently not a way for the advisor or department head to directly set the class as audit through the Instructors portal.  

As you have indicated this is what you would like as a standard option through the instructor portal, I have added a feature request to have the ability added to the advisors class enrollent process through the Instructors Portal.


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Version 2.59

Thanks for the suggestion.  In the next version, this will be added as an option for advisor registration as well as student self registration (if enabled)

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