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Printing all 1098T's

Can I please get directions to print all 1098T's.  I can print the ones that chose not to receive them electronically but I have graduates that elected to receive them electronically but has since lost access so I need to send them paper copies.


Thank you

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Printing All 1098T's


1. Go to Student Accounts, Administration, Print Student 1098T Report.

2. Put the year that you want to print 1098T's for.  (This only works if you already built the 1098T's in the "Build 1098T Student Records" section) Example: 2019.

3. Search.

4. Select any and all 1098T's you would like to print. 

5. Select "Print Selected on 1098T Form" to print onto government provided form paper. Select "Print Selected to PDF" to print the data and the form structure.

6. This will either create a download to print onto the form paper or a link is generated to download the full form in PDF to print.


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