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Online application form alterations


Cliff College are currently working on setting up their online application form through GNECsis - they're the first UK school to use it, but it's quite possible LKH and NTC will also slowly move to using it at some point.

There are quite a lot of changes to the structure of the form that would make it helpful for the UK schools - a different structure, and different fields that feed into existing system fields so that these are automatically populated rather than needing manual entry later on.

There's quite a list of potential changes - do you think it would be better to list them, or should we have a short meeting at some point to chat through the structural changes so you guys have an overall sense of what it would look like?



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As I mentioned in the other Forum Post, there are 3 other schools that are actively working on their applications as well.  The timeing is perfect.  I think a meeting would be best. I will reach out to you separately to set up a meeting time.


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