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Robert Rae
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Late Registration Emails Turned Off


Is there a way to turn off the notifications that are sent out to Lecturers when a student is registered after the deadline? We have quite a number of classes that run on unusual schedules that don't quite fit with the term in which they're scheduled overall, and so lecturers receive a barrage of emails for every student that registers, even though the class hasn't actually begun yet.

It would be useful to know if there's a way to turn these off altogether - as we don't currently let students self-register, it isn't something that's particularly useful in any case.


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Hello,  I believe this is currently baked in.  It appears there are two issues here.  One is the ability to turn the feature off.(Though it might be there and I do not know about it, I will know very soon)  The second is the start date of the term not coinciding with the start date of the class. 

Registration after class start date:  Would it be desirable to have the professor emailed for a registration of a student that happens after the first class meeting date?  This will be based on the specific class not the term/semester.


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Robert Rae
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That would certainly be MORE

That would certainly be MORE useful than after the class start date, yes, and a good stop-gap if we couldn't turn them off altogether! What would happen with classes that don't have meeting dates - would it default to the class start date, or just not send emails? I ask because most of the classes this will apply to won't have any meetings associated, as they're all 'free-form'.


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Robert Rae
Nazarene Theological College, Manchester (UK)

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So, this is actually a multi

So, this is actually a multi-faceted issue.  The email itself does go according to class dates.  It actually says if the instructors email (or student account email in host) is filled in, if the class has not ended (according to end date on the class), then it lets the instructor know of updates.

The updates it lets the instructor know about are:

  • Student Removed from class
  • Student Dropped from class
  • Student Waitlisted
  • Student Withdrawal
  • Student Registered after deadline

The problem here is actually the "Student Registered after deadline".  There is an add/drop date in the term.  So depending on what this is, this controls whether a student qualifies in "Student registered after deadline".  But this date also controls various other aspects within the system, including eliminating student self-registration and advisor registration after the date.  If you do not use these options, you could remove the add/drop deadline from the term.  In the next release, I made it so that if that date is blank it wont qualify them as "registered after deadline".  

Since these emails are more than just "student registered after deadline" but other statuses, I am not sure you want to turn all of these emails off.  The removing the date may be your best option.  If you do want to still add a "dont send instructor emails", let us know and we can add as a feature request.

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