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document upload

Does the document upload work in financial aid.  If it does can I please get instructions on how to add them.

Thank you,


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Document Management

The document management section works great!  It does require someone with System Administration access to set up the original "containers/folders" for the documents.  Here are the instructions in GNECsis for setting them up.  Please let me know if you need additional help.



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Email Recap

Recap from Emails:

Hi Dana,

Stephen set up the folder/containers but when I choose connect on the financial aid requirement exit counseling I get a page that has document but the dropdown menu does not have anything in it.  Do I need to create something on my side?

The online instructions does not address this.

Thank you,


You must upload your documents first in the document section, and then once you have uploaded your documents, you can choose to connect that document to a requirement by clicking connect.  If when you click connect nothing shows, that means you have no documents attached to this individual in the document section.

I just put up the fix to add permissions to Financial Aid > Student > Documents.  Please log out and back in, and you should see the document section in Financial Aid > Students.  If you wish to add the documents section to Prospect in Financial Aid, please submit a specific request for that and we can get it on this list.



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