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I am trying to set a disbursement for summer 21 but when I use the drop down menu to choose my semester only choices that I have are 2021-2022 academic year.  I have checked to make sure my financial aid is set to 2020-2021 and that student accounts is also set to 2020-2021.  Any other places I need to look to make sure the academic year is correct?




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Hi figured it out.  I was

Hi figured it out.  I was working on a student for the 2021-2022 academic year.  When I changed him back to 2020-2021 it gave me the correct semesters for the disbursement.  Is there anyway the year I am working on a students does not affect the disbursement section.


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Year Selection

This one is a bit tricky as there are times of the year like now that you will be working for two different academic years.  The system tries to maintain the year that you have been most recently been working in and when you first log in will default to the current academic year set internally.  With that said at the top of the search and Administration screen for only Financial Aid you can see what year the system is referencing when you access year specific values. This is to help you know what year you are working in at any particular time.  Though your desire for working on a student in one year would not impact other parts of the system this would get very complicated as we would need to save year states for all aspects of the system when in many cases you would not want to change the year over and over when trying to work on a non current default year...  Let me know if you think there is a better solution. 


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