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Columns viewed in Award Budgets


I am requesting that on FinancialAid/Administration/Award Budgets to add some additional information.  Is it possible to instead of having the name of the scholarship 5 times on the award budgets that we could trade one of them for description that way I can have the criteria for the scholarship on th at page as well.  First attachement is the way it is now, the second is where I would like to discription to come from.

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I have a couple ideas.  This screen is designed to just put in the budgets but it appears you are trying to make it do more which is good. I think it would be helpful for me to talk to you about your workflow and how you are hoping to make this work for you.  


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Version 2.65

I removed the TR Code description, and reordered the first few fields.


Description (your criteria)


TR Code

This should get you the information that you need in a better format.  This will be included in the next release.

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