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"Any Course in ___ Field" on Degree Audits


In our new curriculum, some of the degrees have language like degree candidate must take a course in ___ area. We don't want to have a 10-page degree audit so what we did is pick a class from these areas that folk might take. We could always substitute something else later on. My question is: could we create essentially a placeholder class? For example, Master of Divinity says "Any Christian Education Course." Could we create a class like CE999 Any Christian Education Course and put that in the degree audit? I'm wondering if this would cause any problems later on, like for degree-specific transcripts or something.

Thank you!

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I think that would work fine.

I think that would work fine.  It would mean more manual work on your part to satisfy them, but if you are willing to do that, I dont see any problem with it.

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Course for substitution

This should work just fine.  Transcripts are driven off of class enrollments thus since their would never be a CE999 class the course would never show up on any transcript. You could even make the course inactive (fairly sure) so that it does not show up in the standard courses searches for creating classes etc. 

It will show up in the audit but will not show up on any transcripts.


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