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Anticipated Grad Date and Min Credits Req on Degree Audit

Hello, how do I fill in Anticipated Graduation Date and change Minimum Credits Required on the degree audit form?


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Anticipated Grad Date:

1. Make sure the Graduate Dates are set up. Go to Academics > Administration > Graduation Dates.  Either update, or create new graduation date options. 

2. For each student that an anticipated graduation date is known, go to the student. Academics > Students > Details > Academics > Degree Candidacy. In edit mode either update a Degree Candidacy or Add a new one.

3. To see all students that are set to a anticipated graduation date, go to Academics > Administration > Generate Graduation Honors and select the desired Graduation Date.


Min Credits Req on Degree Audit

1. In Academics > Administration > Degree Major Tracks, make sure each Degree Track is tied to a Degree.

2. In Academics > Administration > College Degrees, make sure each degree has Min Credits Required in the Credits for Date Range section. The From Year, and Through Year is only needed if you have a degree that has a change in Min credits from a program change and need to have some students on one requirement and other students on a different requirement. 

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