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Summer fees (Extremely urgent)

I generated some summer charges and the student and Tech fees are not populating.  I tried to figure out on my own where the data would come from but I do not see student and Tech fees in any of the items I have access too.  Please give me some guidance.


Thank you

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I sent a video to you directly with details on setting up the tr codes for the summer term.

Here are the normal troubleshooting steps.

1. Go to StudentAccounts > Administration > Transaction Codes by Term.

2. Are the TR codes showing up for the applicable term? YES> Go to 3. NO: Use the Copy From button to copy tr codes from another term over to the term you have missing tr codes. This is a normal setup process you will need to do every term or year.  

3. Go to the TR code that is not generating a charge. Is the TR code active? YES>Go to 4. NO: UPdate the TR code and make the TR code Active and see if that fixes the issue.

4. Update the TR code and make sure the Rule set and Bill Type and Term charges are correct.  Did a change here fix the issue? NO> Go to 5.  YES: You are done.

5. The problem is probably in the Rule Set. If you have knowledge of setting up and understanding the rule sets go to the rules and rule sets and make sure the logic is correct for the term.  If you do not have knowledge to understand the rules and rule sets logic contact Dana to take a look at the billing rule logic.

6. All else fails contact Dana to take a look at the issue.



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