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Administrative Ability to Edit Usernames


I used to be able to edit usernames of students. But today I could not edit anymore. I need this power back to me please.

I need help. Thank you.

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Changing User Name


You are an Admin on your system and there are two places you should be able to update a user name for a student.  From the screen shot you sent it appears you are on the Update Password screen. This screen is only for updating the password and not to make changes to a user name. 

System Adminstration > Users  - If you are in System Administration, Find the student user that you want to update. Press the Update button (little file folder), you can change the user name on the top left of the Update screen.

Academics > Student - In Academics, Find the student that you want to update.  Go into Edit mode and you can change the user name here. It is in the top section of the student information.

Let me know if neither of these work for you.

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