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notification of class enrollment


We have been enrolling students for Spring 22 and this is the first semester that I have gotten notification that indicates that the student was enrolled after the registration date and if they remove a student I get a drop notification.  Does something need to be set on the registrar side to prevent this from happening.  


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Cindy Howard

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This is something that has been happening for a while.  It goes to the email address in host.  We have recently added a way for you to turn these off if you so desire.

Your system administrator can go in to host > addiitonal info > Automatic Emails and disable emails these emails sent to student account.  This will disable "Emails are sent out to the student accounts officer if they are removed, dropped, waitlisted, registered after deadline, or withdrawn from a class. The email contains what was done, theclass term and course name. NOTE: if the value is not defined in host for the student accounts officer, no email will be sent."


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