Updates Installed on February 14, 2019

o   Fix bug in saving new prospects
o   Allow entry of username in prospect
o Create user as part of the student creation process (optional)
o   Make students active in generation by default·         

o   Move phone number fields to header in Academics > Students
o   Add Enrollment Status to Class Grade Report
o   Audit – reword audit completed/required line
o   Enrolled Student Report – Show Residency Status
o   Update Student Schedule Report
o   Fix bug on Class Roster to not show deleted proposed entries
o   Allow entry of a reason on manual satisfy a course
o   Audit – if a course is in more than one section, allow person to manually add a record to force satisfy in a specific group
o   Withdrawn Issue on Transcript
o   Transfers on Transcript
o   Print Groups of Transcripts from Student Search page
o   Add blank Degree audit
o   Fix display of classification and degree on official audit·         

HR – Employee Yearly Contract Bug Fix·         

System Administration
o   Add option to allow or turn off ‘Forgot your password’
o   Make public schedule only show open classes (not closed or cancelled) and hide enrollment numbers
o   Moodle integration bug fixes
o   Add public flag to campus location to allow hiding of certain locations when able to be accessed by the public.

 Financial Aid – bug fixes·         

Student Accounts
o   1098T
o   Cash Return Bug Fix
o   Online payments – Electronic check bug fix
o   Separate out student search from cashier page
o   Add Print Schedule option in SA
o   Allow Print Bill in Read Only Mode
o   Add option to Print Bill to show class schedule

Student Portal
o   Request Profile Updates page 
o   Add option (in host) to force students to verify profile info during self-registration
o   Permission option (in host) to turn off transcript request
o   ADA Changes·         

Instructor Portal
o   Fix missing advisees image 

Application/Prospect Portal
o    Handling for Campus Coordinators
o   New Marital Status and Anniversary fields (must be turned on)
o   Move Email, Cell, and Home Phone to top section
o   ADA Changes
o   Allow entry of multiple addresses
o   Add Address Type
o   Add References Section (must be turned on)
o   Add Additional Information Section (must be turned on)  with custom questions.
o   Add Church Section (must be turned on)
o   Fix captcha bug
o   Misc Bug Fixes
o   Add Prospect Progress page
o   Fix for Application fee Paid Flag not being passed along