Book page


How to Access Help Files and Video's

Student Portal Overview and School Options

Tips and Tricks - How to Search for Partial names or Complex Names

Tricks to Optimize your Screen to See Information



Enrolling a Group of Students Into One or More Classes at the Same Time

Entering Grades in Academics and How to Find Classes With Missing Grade

How To Quickly Create A Student - This Is Not The Normal Admission Process - Helpful For New Schools Needing To Get Students Entered Quickly

Campus Coordinators - How to set up Campus Coordinators and a Overview of What the Access Look Like

Transcript - How to Change the Default Text for Required Signature and School Seal


Human Resources

Making a Employee

Make a Employee a System User with Login Access to Staff Portal


Instructor Portal

Entering Grade Assessments and Final Grades

Advising - Approving and Editing Students Proposed Schedules

Printing a Blank Attendance Sheet

Setting up and Entering Daily Class Attendance

How to Print a Class Roster

How to View and Print a Class Photo Roster

How to Upload Class Curriculum and send books and other messages to Students through the Class Portal

How to Find the Resources to Help Students Make Decisions on Which Classes to Take



How to set up a school custom report - Report Configuration


Student Accounts

Adding a new Student Category and Assigning the category to a student

Adding a Transaction Code (TR Code) / General Ledger Code(GL Codes) / FinAid Scholarship / FinAid Aid Source

How to check for Academic changes and Re-run billing for those students


System Administration

Add a Custom Translation to your System

Campus Management and Uses In The System - How to set up Campuses and assign them to students, instructors, classes and a brief description of Campus Coordinators

Find Duplicate Students and Employees and Merge the Records

Give a User Staff Portal Access with Group Access Permissions

Passwords - How to Reset Passwords for Different User Groups