Updates to Be Installed October 28, 2021 - Version 2.70

  • Academics
    • Bug Fixes
      • Degree Audit - Add another digit to summary on credits (Reported by EuNC)
      • PDF Reports - Disable PDF as an option on certain reports (Reported by EuNC)
      • Outcomes Issues (Reported by EuNC)
    • Additional Features
      • Register by Class - Added Register button to roster section (if permission turned on and in view mode and in academics).  This will help if you are registering all students one class at a time.
      • Academic Standing - Add primary campus to results (Requested by EuNC)
  • Student Accounts
    • Additional Features
      • Cashier - Add search by Receipt Number (Requested by NTS)
  • Financial Aid
    • Bug Fixes
      • Source - Category search not working (Reported by NTS)
      • COD Disbursement Detail Issue 
    • Additional Features
      • Award Budget - Add export to excel option (Requested by NTS)
      • Church, School, Organization - Added links to this sections in Financial Aid (Requested by NTS)